12"/300 mm Manual Impulse Sealer

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Model No.: PFS-300
Warranty : 12 Months (Off-site)
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The manual impulse sealers are simple, compact machines and are probably the most common plastic bag sealers found today and find application in a variety of industries. They are available at attractive prices and are extremely effective for low to medium volume production. Additionally, we have found these impulse sealers to be very popular among food retailers (general stores, food marts, restaurant take-outs etc) for packing goods over the sales counter. 

Impulse sealers follow a simple contact-type working mechanism wherein a nichrome heating element strip is heated electrically by means of a transformer.This heat is then imparted to the plastic bag, which along with the pressure applied by the operator's hand fuses the open end to form a strong hermetic (airtight) seal. Operators can control the heating time by adjusting a knob provided on the front face. The PFS-300 impulse sealer has a sealing length of 12" or 300 mm and sealing width of 3 mm.

  • Dimensions: L=450 mm; W=85 mm; H=180 mm (17.72" x 3.35" x 7")
  • Weight (Without Packing): 4.5 kg (10 lbs.)
  • Power: 430 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Sealing Length: 300 mm (8")
  • Sealing Width: 3 mm 
  • Sealing Time: Between 1 to 3 seconds