Continuous Band Sealer (FR-900V)

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Model No.: FR-900V
Warranty : 6 Months (Off-site)
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Continuous band sealers are ideally suited for higher production volumes, providing an output of approximately 30-40 bags per minute depending on the width of the bag. These machines are well suited for clients that pack items like spices, sugar, vegetables, chemicals, grains,coffee and dyes etc. Additionally, we have had customers who use it for packing electronic items like chargers, earphones and USB cables. In general this machine finds maximum utility in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The plastic bag is pulled by two rollers driven by a motor, which transports it to a brass heating block. The temperature and conveyor speeds can be adjusted electronically according to theoutput and bag material. After passing through the heating block, the bag goes through a series of knurled rollers which provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the final seal. The FR-900V is oriented vertically and can seal all kinds of polyethylene (PE) and laminated bags with a seal width of 12 mm.

Note**: Because of its vertical orientation the FR-900V is ideal for sealing liquids and powders (items that can spillover). Additionally, large and heavy bags can also be sealed with relative ease by adjusting the height of the stand and resting the weight on the conveyor. For sealing solid items in smaller bags, the FR-900V would be an overkill; therefore we recommend our horizontal models (FR-900S and FR-600A) as they will be more cost effective.

  • Dimensions: L=800  mm; W=360 mm; H=550 mm (31.5" x 14.17" x 21.65")
  • Weight (Without Packing): 22.7 kg (10 lbs)
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Sealing Width: 12 mm