ROPP Capping Machine (Manual)

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Model No.: PP01F
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Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) caps are widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for securing both glass and metal bottles. This ROPP capping machine can cap up to 300-600 bottles per hour (assuming continuous use by one operator). It provides an inexpensive option for clients who have a low to medium production output. The cap is sealed by a set of two rollers; one of which seals the lower ring of the cap on to the bottle while the other creates the thread that enables easy removal and closure. The machine frame, chuck and rollers are made of mild steel. These manual ROPP capping machines can accommodate bottles having a height varying from 40 mm to 250 mm.

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  • Dimensions: L=286 mm; W=376 mm; H=198 mm (11.25" x 14.8" x 7.8")
  • Weight (Without packing): 5.8 kg (12.76 lbs.)