Manual Cup Sealer (Combo Model)

Rs. 19,999 Inc of Tax + Shipping charges (exc. GST)
Model No.: MCSc-01
Warranty : 12 months (off-site)
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The manual cup sealing machine combo model is a unique foil sealing solution for plastic cups in which the customer will require just one machine for sealing cups having two different diameters. Changeover between diameters is completely tool-less and can be achieved by simply placing a ring that can fit the smaller cup (Refer attached video for a better illustration). 

The machine displayed on this page and in the video is meant for sealing plastic cups with diameter 80 and 95 mm and a maximum height of 115 mm. However, we can custom make this machine to suit any diameter(s). On receiving samples of the cups we can fabricate this unit in 4-5 working days.

Typical application areas for this machine include sealing of dairy products like curd (dahi), yogurt, shrikhand, buttermilk, lassi and related products. Sealing of juice cups is also a prominent area where this machine can be employed. Lastly, the combo sealer is an effective appliance for restaurant take-outs due to its versatility of handling two cup diameters.

  • Machine Dimensions (L X W X H): 36 X 26 X 28.5) cm
  • Net Weight: 10 Kg
  • Material of construction: Powder coated mild steel frame with brass heater die
  • Voltage: 230 V @ 50 Hz
  • Current Rating: 1 amp (approx.)
  • Power Rating: 225 watts